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Finale, the 10th round –Review on BCM310.

After attending this class, I realize that there are still a lot of debates and issue that are supposed to be concerned by a mass media student. As I remembered the most, pink washing gave me a big impact as I never thought that there will be a story behind every charity work. Although it leaves a negative impression towards the world but I expand my point of view towards the world too. It might be useful in the future as I will be starting my career life soon.

Besides that, the whole subject gives me a chance to improve my English and my writing skill (although I don’t think that I improve much) but it provides me a platform to write and read in English. In order to find what am I want to write in the blog post, I explore different area (movie, news, music, technology updates) to search for topic to talk about.

Also, by reading my classmate’s blogspot, it increases my perception towards my classmate as I couldn’t talk to everyone all the time on the same topic. In this subject, especially during tutorial time, it gave me a moment of knowing what my classmate are actually thinking and how they execute something. For example, there will always be a discussion on the topic and we once try to discuss something about citizen journalism. Each group is required to dissect one part of content in a journal. From that tutorial,I have learn to analyze content.. (To all my classmates who are reading this perhaps, thank you!)

Not to forget, I am lucky to have a good lecturer that is always by our side to guide us. No, no, I am not trying to flatter anyone. I have a good time because of my lecturer, thanks for waking me up by asking me question suddenly. It’s good to train my spontaneous and let me realize that my friends are always there to support me (giving me answer) when my lecturer throw me a question in a sudden.

Last but not least, I would like to raise my glass and cheers to every of my classmate and lecturer. All the best!


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Round 9: E-waste,faster than human growth.

As the technology is advancing day by day, old things are constantly being replaced in no time, definitely quicker than a human life span. By comparing a period of time taken to raise a child and a lifespan of an electronic devices, it takes a year to get pregnant and give birth to a baby but it only take a year to innovate a new electronic device. According to Maxwell and Miller (2012), ‘todays digital devices are made to break or become uncool in cycles of 12 months and counting down.’  It means that a digital devices will loses its functions of advancement to the society after a period of 12 months and a new devices will come up to replace the old one. It creates a market opportunity to the business man, because devices are always craved by human. We want new, advance and more functions devices to help us to do work or entertainment. The demand is there, thus the marker is there and the innovation is made to break.

However, we always forgot about thinking on the consequences on the matter that we execute. ‘the extent of e-waste is truly astonishing’(Maxwell & Miller 2012).the bringing of business to the world is good, but the waste that produced is harmful back to human being. It’s just like you’re having a barbeque party in your house. It good to have a good time and socialize with each other but the after effect is that the master of the house have to clean up the mess. We ended up throwing all the rubbish together without thinking of recycling waste and non-recycling waste, unfinished food, drinks and the noise produced during the party disturbed the neighbors. If it is execute in a proper way, it will be respected but it varies.

E-waste is known as ‘waste electrical and electronic equipment, whole or in part or rejects from their manufacturing and repair process, which are intended to be discarded’ (CPCB 2011). The way to deal with e-waste in these days including reuse the old devices, landfills, and open burning.(Sabha 2011) These are heavily contribute to the pollution thus it is a way to deal but it’s totally a bad way to deal with. According to Sabha, India is one of the countries that receive this waste and government should tighten up the rules on discharging those wastes in order to turn it into a useful material to India development.

In my opinion, if the innovator is able to invent devices that improve quality of life, there must be a device to reduce e-wasting. If the involves stakeholders such as the electronic device manufacturer and developer are willing to come up with a programs to dissect the devices and categorize the waste properly it will reduce the pollution. Besides, education and worldwide awareness are needed to provide knowledge to handle the e-wasting.


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Round 8- Moderating the conversation.

        A conversation started when more than an individual are expressing their thoughts and discuss on a certain topic. A conversation might turn good or worst depends on how the person decodes and encodes the message. Especially in the burst of social networking site nowadays, conversation is much easier to create based on one issue. For example, I’ve recently seen the movie “The Great Gatsby” and the soundtrack is awesome. However, there is a particular song that been reproduced and put into the movie as a background song,receive negative comments. The song was called “Back to Black” which is originally by Amy Winehouse and is reproduced by Andre 3000 (rapper from a duo group Outkast) and Beyonce. It generates argument between the father of Amy Winehouse, Mitch Winehouse and Mark Ronson. Mitch posted on his twitter stated that the cover song was not as great as his daughther’s version. However, Mark Ronson, the producer of the song supports the new remix of the song that they done a good job and he believe Amy would like it too. 

       A conversation and discussion are easily made when a specific topic is being covered. However, there might not be an accurate answer at the end and what it might be the most important was not the truth of the topic, or the accuracy of the content. It’s all about who will listen to the message. According to Couldry (2009), listening is “the act of recognizing what others have to say”. If someone is telling a truth in a court, if the message sent out is not towards the right audience, they might not believe.

      A conversation might also turn out to be worst as it will create a social problem, cyber bully. Cyber bully occurs when people started a conversation that intent to cause hurt of feeling or harm an individual’s reputation via internet (Feinberg & Robey 2010). Although Internet is free to post up comments and write down personal perception on certain issue. It is important that it take control on maintaining a health debate and words circulating around the Internet so that nobody would get hurt.


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Round 7- White Bread Media, peanut butter or chocolate or both?

White bread media is something that happens when it is a one-sided action done by the media to the public. When one-side story occurs, it creates stereotype, discrimination, misrepresentation and conflict between two individual and groups that they claim themselves as ‘different’.

According to Dreher (forthcoming 2014), ‘many reports reveal evidence of stereotyping, invisibility, sensationalism and racist representation in soaps, advertising and news and current affairs.’ For example, Muslim women’s are required to wear a hijab but for Muslim that staying abroad, it is an issue. As media in certain country did not portray Muslim women in hijab thus it became an awkward situation for Muslim to wear hijab in that country.  This would not only affect the individual’s life but also the working environment. The video below discussed about the problem faced for Muslim women in society that gives them negative sight on wearing a hijab.

Despite everyone is talking about stereotyping in term of skin color, races and gender, the social class was also once been heavily portrayed in media. Classism is ‘the systematic oppression of subordinated groups who work for wages for the dominate group’. Dominant groups refer to the people that have the ability to control other person’s resources of living. (Brantley et. al 2003). Brantley et. al (2003) also said that, ‘a major feature of the “classist” mindset is the stereotype that suggests that poor and working class people are unintelligent, inarticulate, and emotional.’

In this case, media plays an important role because if they continue to portray one side of image to the audience, the problem will be settled. In the most recent movie, the Great Gatsby, where it is based on an American classic literature novel clearly shows the classism in America during 1922. The social status will affect the living in that era and the life of an individual. The portrayal of rich will always be intelligent, popular and for the poor will always be sweaty, unhappy and violence. In media nowadays,  the media portrays social class in a more metaphor way or in order to boost up public’s in expanding their life quality, more and more effort put in portraying social class.


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Round 6-Green,Red,Blue,focus on disability.

In this era, everything now seems need to work together with the existence of technology. The office person would have to use a card to scan through the security system in order to open the office door and enter the office, a student would need to scan her id before he/she gets to borrow a book, a housewife would need to play a game of “candy crush” or “diamond dash” before or after they went to morning market, and the managers or sales person would need to reply their customer’s email through smart phones. All of these are helping the human to get what they want, but they forgot one thing. Technology is still lack of consideration towards the person with disability. According to Goggin and Newell (2007), “disability is usually invoked as a demand for development of new technologies, from biotechnology to information and communication technologies.” It should be a good market opportunity but the advancement of technologies often excluded the disable people of using it.

Goggin and Newell(2007)  argues that, “The lack of attention given to disability and inclusive technologies in mobiles is further highlighted in the case of Blind consumers of mobiles, who have been very much neglected by mainstream mobile telecommunications providers and equipment manufacturers as messaging cultures and practices have grown up around them.” . The smooth and clean wide touch screen is not accessible to blind people. Indeed they have the voice controlling system on maybe you can just use voice action to replace search of caller to call or typing out message, advertiser would always sell the function as “it ease you and it is safe even when you’re driving.” They have such accessibility, but not always towards the person who has disability. What’s more for example on whatsapp, even if they can use voice to replace the user to type the message, they do not have the voice control of “send to”. Alright, maybe you’re always that lucky that you can hit the “send” button every time, but nobodies will read the reply perhaps?

Perhaps we switch the focus to another visual disability such as color blindness. According to Pieter Botts (2010), 10% of the male population and less that 1% of female population is affected. Although the percentage might not look high, but these group of people does exist and it would bring a huge disadvantages. Technologies should pay attention on creating inclusive technology devices because small function would help them out. According to van Beveren (n.d.a) color blind simply means they have the inability to differentiate colors. They do see color, but because of the lack of green or red or blue receptor from their eyes, the color blends not that distinct in their eye. It gave a lots of inaccessibility in communication technologies because the websites sign or games limits their moves. “The colorblind have a narrowed color perception. Green is still green and red stays red most of the time, but not as vibrant or bright as a non colorblind would see it. Colors lie closer to each other, especially shades of colors.” (van Beveren, 2012b). Below is a video on helping people to more understand about how color blind people see things.

I would like to put my own opinion on how social networking site are trying to pull down the barrier of color blindness people to the social networking world. As most of the color blindness people are able to distinguish blue, thus most of the social networking site is using blue as their logo and page background color, make sense?

However, when you’re going into in depth, the account in social networking site represents you and when it come to color background (usually choose pink indicates you are a female and blue as male) color blindness people unable to identify themselves. According to van Beveren(2013c), it even worst if you are a guy and you turn out getting pink as your background color instead of red which u initially planning to choose. Just because you can’t differentiate the shade of color, you ruin your account and appearance.

The technology are slightly improving now as there are many application in smart phones that able to help you to identify the color scheme of a scanned picture so that you could at least know roughly what’s the color. They are limited technology devices that can help on the color blindness people and it still an unsolved problem. Besides, the creative director Ocean Quigley of the game SimCity, one of the popular games all around the world are also implementing a color blindness filter to the game to cater to the color blindness gamer (Wilde, 2013). This is an inclusive technology because it eases the color blindness people to differentiate the object in the game. .Even the Microsoft office software, they are color name when you scroll to the specific color box to tell you what color is that. (van Bevere

n, 2013c).

microsoft words

In a nutshell, inclusive technology is important to be alerted time to time to pay attention on the disability criteria because as a human, everyone has the right to get the same thing, regardless of how it convey. Internet and technology has become one of the criteria for today to move around the society and mingle around people, thus it is important to get everyone regardless any form to involve.


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Round 5-Wall-E…is too robotic, lets go for a walled garden and the feudalisation of internet first.

As I still remember, in the movie Wall-E, he is a robot that being left in the Earth to do some rubbish-checking/dumping-categorizing work. When all of the human are in the outer space, enjoying their automatic moving chair (to replace human leg to walk but actually they can) and also the increasing of obesity rate of every human, Wall-E seems to be more humanize than human do. He search for living objects in the Earth and collect whatever is precious.Now what does it has related to feudalisation of internet? Feudalisation is meant by the control of something and public has to obey the rules in order to use it. In term history, feudalism is where the lord controls everything and the citizen obeys them. They used the land but not in their own freedom. Wall-E collects everything from the Earth but he never owns it. He pick up the flower, but it never belongs to Wall-E because the flower is belongs to human, or to the protagonist of the movie.

The people in the movie are much like in a walled garden. They’re been building bricks to protect its content. The human in the movie are being controlled by Buy N Large Corporation where the company provides everything for the humans from food to the news information. They build a wall to let the people think that Earth is no longer safe to stay and it is better to be in the outer space.  They control the activity of human and reject everything that harms the operation. For example, when Wall-E finds a living things (the flower), it been taken away.

Well, come back to the topic, walled garden. According to Kelleher (2012), “Apple has “curates” its App Store into a walled garden, rejecting apps for reasons some found to be frivolous but that Apple insisted preserved the user experience it wanted to create. But increasingly, the walls that give i OS its rigid structure aren’t just shielding consumers from glitch or troublesome apps; they are corralling consumers into spending more money with Apple instead of one of its competitors.” Sometimes, it’s good to have this walled garden because it ensures that the system provides you only the best. In another way, it eases the consumer on hesitating whether the apps are useful, or it’s not. It might also create specialty that “only iPhone user has the authority to use it”. However, this is just the opposite way of what we call “human rights” is. As mentioned by Kelleher (2012), they are just simply blocking one type of user to have the right to choose what to have on another type of system. It is a guarantee from the company that I will have the rights to control my user.

“The world we live in today is made of computers. We don’t have cars anymore; we have computers we ride in. We don’t have airplanes anymore; we have flying Solaris boxes attached to bucketfuls of industrial control systems. A radio is no longer a crystal: it’s a general-purpose computer, running software.” (Doctorow 2012)(1). This is clearly an evolution of technology that the world challenging nowadays. The advancement of technology is in a fast pace that you couldn’t catch it. By the time you get to use a GPS device, the car already has the function install in it. By the time woman learned how to get through their nasty side parking nightmare, Ford Focus is here to assist you with only one button, and the car will do the parking for you. You’re once having the ability to control the situation, but not now. We shall debate on it whether should we get back our right of controlling, but as Doctorow (2012)(2) mentioned user and owner of the system both wanted to control the system, but in a different way. User wanted to control what they choose to, and owner wanted to control what they want to.


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Round 4- Universities in the Digital Age. To knowledge, or to expression.


(Source from :

According to Miller (2010), writing “enables us to take the thoughts in our heads and make them visible to ourselves and to others; once our thoughts are visible, writing also provides the means for moving our thoughts forward — through clarification, expansion, qualification, revision, and retraction.” Besides, Miller also said that it is important to know who you are aiming to convey the thoughts to because it contains persuasion and understanding of the writer. In my opinion, the ultimate goal for writing is to successfully convey the thought clear and understand by audience.

However, Miller did said that because of the digital revolution, the internet causes the “newspaper industry, textbook industry and US Postal service”(Miller,2010) to be in a crisis of closing down the industry. It is because internet provides everything. We have newspaper online which not only provides updated news but also achieves, we have e-books and e-library for everyone to download and search for books. We even have online book store such as Amazon, and in Malaysia we have MPH online and Kinokuniya which provides delivery service and online book searching. Soon, it is not necessary to have a hard cover book and a physical shop to be there as everything can do online. All these consequences would bring a great impact to the global economic downturn.

In Miller’s article, it also stated that “because of the internet, everyone becomes a writer.” (Miller, 2010). However, here comes the problem when everyone is writing while no one is reading. Writing is no more for people to gain knowledge, but is for individual to express themselves in 140 characters in Twitter or even a caption in Instagram.

Another point that I’m totally agreed with Miller is that from his point of view, university is a necessity. “One of the university’s primary responsibilities is to promote the gaining of knowledge in depth; World Wide Web provides is the opportunity to work with the most powerful media of our time on the project of making thought visible.” (Miller, 2010). A real knowledge for me will undergo a lot of research and proofing and practical to make it becomes an applicable knowledge for everyone to understand.

According to Hawkins (2001), scholars must go to “library to conduct traditional research process and then electronic search on web to discern the quality and validity of information they find on Web.” What concerns him is that student will only check information through web and give 100% confident on the validity of the information. As mention earlier, web has become a writing place for individual to express their thought. Thus, the quality of every writings has degraded due to the uncontrollable situation. A reliable source will require money but this is how the knowledge should be obtained. A material that required trade will mark its quality confident.

In a nutshell, I agree with Hawkins (2001) statement on the Web where the information becomes less reliable because there are less filtering on the information reliability. If we are to learn through Web, how are we going to get real life experience in order to face the future?



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